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The Evoluton of Soccer Shoes

Soccer shoes, or soccer boots, existed in the days of King Henry VIII.  In those days, they were leather boots with no cleats or studs.  They were literally boots.  That means they supported and protected the ankle, too. … Read More

Ice Skates And Roller Skates – A Parallel History

Ice skates and roller skates have mirrored each other for centuries. The first pair of roller skates, known as “dry land skates” was created in Holland in the late 1700s by a Dutch inventor who wanted to skate… Read More

The Necessity of Clothing: Athletics

Its the sag of skin, bones stuffed with sweet sugar: a body is shifting toward apathy. Athletics were once pursued but have been forgotten. A routine is too demanding now to indulge in them, gives all free moments… Read More

The First Super Bowl

The history of Super Bowls is pretty common knowledge among sports fans.  Everyone knows that the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs played the first big game.  However, there is interesting history attached to the first Super… Read More

Ice Hockey: A Popular American Pastime

Ice hockey is a type of sport that originated in Canada. The exact origination is unclear; it is thought that ice hockey was first played during the early nineteenth century in Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario. However, the… Read More

How to Become a Sports Journalist

Many children dream of being professional athletes, but the truth is only a very small percentage will ever realize those dreams. A passion for sports will only take you so far. However, if you also have a talent… Read More

A Chronicle of American Bats

Major league baseball bats must adhere to stringent standards.  For instance, bats may not be wider than 2.75 inches or longer than 42 inches.  They must be made of one piece of smooth solid wood.  Bat handles can… Read More