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Ice Hockey: A Popular American Pastime

Ice hockey is a type of sport that originated in Canada. The exact origination is unclear; it is thought that ice hockey was first played during the early nineteenth century in Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario. However, the rules for the game were first established in Montreal during the latter part of the century. Sine then, the game has been picked up in the United States, were more rules have been enforced to keep the players safe and the game fair.

The United States was quick to pick up on the game of hockey. Since Canada the U.S. and the two countries have generally been on good terms in recent history, it is no wonder that American citizens adopted the sport so quickly. Artificial ice rinks led the way for the sport of ice hockey in the U.S. In fact, the very first ice rink was opened in Baltimore during the 1880s.

During the following decade, American colleges formed ice hockey teams. Teams competed with other colleges throughout the United States, as well as those that resided in Canada. Canadian teams had a leading edge on American teams, due to the fact that they were more skilled and experienced with the sport. Ice hockey soon spilled into the professional level in the United States. In 1917, the Seattle Metropolitans beat Canadian teams for the Stanley Cup trophy.

Since its introduction into the United States, hockey has increased in popularity. Artificial ice rinks have made it possible for the game to be played in all parts of the country, even warm places such as Florida and Texas.