She is an amazing American athlete who is very famous up until today because of her feats in basketball, track and field, and golf. She achieved what no woman had done before her. Everything she touched turned into gold because of her natural skills and competence in the sports that she joined in. She had become the icon for every woman in sports today.

The foundation was established in 1969 in honor of the famous athlete. The foundation aims to support women who continue to face adversity in terms of sports and going to school. The foundation has reached out to thousands of universities in the United States as a way of seeking students who need financial support.

When the Babe Didrickson Zaharias Foundation started, it was just supporting 20 female students at the time. The students had grown to become wonderful people of society. They finished their studies and helped the foundation become what it is today. Half of them stayed and assisted the foundation and ushered it to the new generation.

Yes, we do. Thousands of male students benefit from the financial help being given by the Babe Didrickson Zaharias foundation. The foundation may have started as a support for women, especially in sports. It wanted to see female students flourish in sports without being halted in their progress because of their race and gender. But today, as we promote equal rights in both men and women, we have supported both male and female students in our foundation.

For the first time in 20 years, we are now supporting two students outside of the United States. They are both from the Netherlands. Who would have thought that we will be able to support two students in a country that is popular in Amsterdam canal tours and Amsterdam city trips?

You can go to our Contact Page and place any question that you may have regarding the way to help and support the students. We will gladly assist you in the methods in which you can provide for educational and financial help.