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The First Super Bowl

The history of Super Bowls is pretty common knowledge among sports fans.  Everyone knows that the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs played the first big game.  However, there is interesting history attached to the first Super Bowl that many people may not know.

For instance, the first Super Bowl was not originally called a Super Bowl.  It was called the The First AFL-NFL World Championship Game.   Some people called it the Supergame, but it eventually became known as Super Bowl I.  The reason the game was played at all was because of the merger of the NFL and AFL.  Previously, these two football leagues did not play against each other.  They held two separate championships.

It was widely believed that the AFL teams were not as good as the NFL teams, so there was tremendous pressure on the Kansas City Chiefs to prove they were good enough to play an NFL team like the Green Bay Packers.  The Packers were the best team in the country.  Even so, their coach, Vince Lombardi, was reported to be so nervous he had to hang onto reporter Frank Gifford to control his shaking.  Kansas City Chiefs players reported that some of their team mates were so scared that day that they were throwing up on the way to the field.

As expected, Green Bay won.  The final score was 35 10.  It is the only Super Bowl that did not sell out.  There were complaints that the 12 dollar ticket price was just too high.  In todays standards, that is amazing, but in 1967, people wouldnt pay it.  Two of the major networks broadcast the game simultaneously.  CBS and NBC co-televised the first super bowl.  There were a few glitches during the game, but the real tragedy is that most of the footage was erased by both stations because they wanted to reuse their video tape for something else.