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The Necessity of Clothing: Athletics

Its the sag of skin, bones stuffed with sweet sugar: a body is shifting toward apathy. Athletics were once pursued but have been forgotten. A routine is too demanding now to indulge in them, gives all free moments instead to relaxing.

This must stop now.

Sports must be rediscovered and doing this requires a change in lifestyle, scheduling and even clothing choices: with athletic apparel selected to offer aid.


Its the cling of perspiration, the awkward slither of heat across skin: your body is flushed from movement, muscles burning with every unrelenting twist. The battle against calories is an essential one; but sweat-laced fabric can make that battle all too tedious. Breath-ability is therefore essential. Athletic clothing should be tailored to convenience, with threads that support ventilation.


The world is defined by reflections. Truth is found in mirrors, with every flaw left exposed. Its all too easy therefore to wrap yourself in flattering cloth. Such flattery is unforgiving while exercising, however. All outfits must be comfortable, not merely fashionable (though Nike Athletic Clothing is seeking to combine the two). Fabrics should encourage motion, not posing.


The quest for change is a long one, siphoning hours from each day, demanding diligence. A body is not merely stimulated; its transformed. Such transformation requires more than movement, however. It instead needs mental aid. The proper emotional state must be achieved before weight can be lost. Choosing athletic clothing helps to make that an easier thing: allowing you to create a correlation between specific fabrics and exercise. The response will be Pavlovian.

Weight loss is gained with the proper support. Athletic clothing ensures success.