Achievements of Babe Didrickson Zaharias

babeMost of the millennials nowadays do not know who Babe Didrickson Zaharias. She is one awesome athlete who achieved feats that we can only dream of today. She has continued to become the symbol of hope for women who aspire to be better than what they are today. She is the beacon of faith that has made women athletes do their best to become, at least, at par to what she achieved during her prime. If only we can get voucher codes for every kid that wanted to be like Babe Didrickson Zaharias, then we would have enough to save money on electronics or other products. But kidding aside, she has really achieved a lot, not only for the sport but as a representation of women all over the world.


At an early age of 15, Mildred Ella Didrikson, her real name, joined the basketball team in high school. Her position is forward. The school that she played in was Beaumont Senior High School. She was a really great basketball player. Her coach in that school recommended her to be part of the Golden Cyclones, one of the national teams in the nation. The team won for three consecutive years. She was an All-American forward when she played.

track and field

Track and field

After winning the championship in basketball, she then turned her attention to track and field. She always had a fascination with track and field. In 1931, she joined a national competition for track and field. Because of her skills and competencies, she won a gold medal in eight of the nine events that she joined. The ninth event gave her a silver medal.

At that time, women were only allowed to join three events in the track and field during the Olympics. This did not deter her, whatsoever. She broke four world records. She got the gold medal for the javelin throw event and the 80-m hurdle.


golfShe excelled in almost everything that she focused on. She first started as an amateur and won many awards at that time. In 1947, she became a professional golfer and started dominating the events. Because of her feats, she was voted as Woman of the Year and Woman Athlete of the Half-Century.